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  • This experiment (2006-2100) uses the data from the WRF60_mpiesm_rcp45 experiment as forcing data for downscaling to 12km resolution by the regional model WRFV3.5.1 for the region of West Africa. 'rcp45' is an experiment of the CMIP5 - Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 ( 4.1 rcp45 (4.1 RCP4.5) - future projection (2006-2300) forced by RCP4.5. Experiment design: . This experiment is divided into several time slices of 11 years. The first year of each time slice is used as a spin-up phase and should not be used in the analysis. All experiments with MPIESM forcing refer to a Gregorian calendar. The 12 km resolution of this experiment is the second step of the two step downscaling WRF experiment.

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