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  • The hydrodynamic model TRIM-NP in a barotropic mode is used to simulate the strong storm tide in March 1906 forced by reconstructed weather data by the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) and Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht. From georeferenced historical station data, pressure maps are drawn, digitised, and wind speed calculated from them. The model area covers the region of 20W to 30E and 42N to 65N with a spatial resolution of 12.8x12.8 km for grid 1. At the lateral boundaries of grid 1, the water level is calculated with tide model FES2004. TRIM-NP calculates one way nested with higher resolution the North Sea (with 6.4km, grid2), southern North Sea (with 3.2km, grid3) and the German Bight (with 1.6km, grid4). In this data bank, the datasets are available hourly for grid 2 and grid 4. Please contact the authors for grid 1 and grid 3. The datasets are visualised or In additional experiments, the tides at the lateral boundaries are shifted backwards (up to minus six hours) or forward (up to plus six hours) in time to calculate the peak of the storm tide. The atmospheric forcing is not changed. Only the water levels from grid4 of this experiment are stored.

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