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  • dphase_prevah The hydrological model PREVAH is adopted for (ensemble) runoff forecasts for several basins in Switzerland and North Italy. Runoff nowcasting is driven by observed meteorology consisting of data from meteorological stations and operational radar precipitation data. Forecasts are computed with three deterministic NWP models and with one atmospheric ensemble predictions system (EPS). Principal investigators are the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences of the ETH (IAC_ETH) and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). Data providers: Observed meteorology: MeteoSwiss, WSL, IST-SUPSI Rainfall Radar: MeteoSwiss CLEPS, COSMOCH2 and COSMOCH7: MeteoSwiss MM5_15: FZK, IMK-IFU Observed discharge: Swiss Federal Office for Environment (FOEN), CONTICINO Basins: Verzasca_at_Lavertezzo, Ticino_at_Bellinzona, Maggia_at_Solduno, Tresa_at_Rocchetta, Toce_at_Candoglia, Ticino_at_Miorina, Thur_at_Andelfingen, Linth_at_Mollis Sub-Experiments: Runoff nowcasting, CLEPS, COSMOCH2 and COSMOCH7 at all basins MM5_15 and Rainradar only at Verzasca_at_Lavertezzo, Thur_at_Andelfingen, Linth_at_Mollis

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