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  • The data include daily, monthly, and seasonal variables of CORDEX experiments scaled down onto a ca. 50 km grid over Africa (acronym: AFR-44) based on the CCLM4-8-17 regional climate model. Each file contains a single variable and is formatted according to the CORDEX data protocol - meaning NetCDF-4 compressed, CF-1.4 compliant, with attributes and filenames according to the specified DRS. Data from any CORDEX experiment and with any CMIP5 global model forcing available and transfered from the ESGF to the long term archive WDCC at the time of publication are included. These are the experiments evaluation, historical, rcp85, and rcp45 using forcing data derived from the CMIP5 models MPI-ESM-LR, EC-EARTH, CNRM-CM5 and HadGEM2-ES. The data are provided on the model computational (native) grid.

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