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  • Rocket launches for space missions are well-defined ground-truth events generating strong infrasonic signatures. This data set covers ground-truth information for 1001 rocket launches from 27 global spaceports between 2009 and mid-2020. Infrasound signatures from up to 73% of the launches were identified at infrasound arrays of the International Monitoring System. The detection parameters were obtained using the Progressive Multi-Channel Correlation (PMCC) algorithm. Propagation and quality parameters supplement the PMCC detection parameters in this dataset. The results are provided for further use as a ground-truth reference in geophysical and atmospheric research. The open-access publication “1001 Rocket Launches for Space Missions and their Infrasonic Signature” (Pilger et al., 2021, Geophys. Res. Letters, doi:10.1029/2020GL092262) provides further details on this data set. Data format: The data are provided both as ASCII files (separate lists of infrasound signatures and rocket launch events, plus README files) and as a comprehensive netCDF file.

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