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  • Reflectivity and radial velocity of Karlsruhe C-Band Doppler Radar located at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Volume data in polar coordinates are delivered. Two scans have been performed: 1. 14 Elevation volume scan of reflectivity and radial velocity starting at 0.4 deg elevation up to 30 deg elevation, 120 km range, 500 m resolution, dual PRF (pulse repetition frequency; 1153 Hz/864 Hz): reflectivity and radial velocity. 2. 14 Elevation volume scan as 1, but only single PRF: reflectivity. The data is provided in two different data sets: reflectivity (ca. every 5 min; data from both scan modi) and radial_velocity (every 10 min; data from 1st scan mode).

  • Profiles of the 35 GHz cloud radar MIRA36-S at COPS-Supersite Hornisgrinde. Containing reflectivity, radial Doppler velocity, spectral width and LDR (linear depolarisation ratio). Different scan modi are possible during one day. See more information on measurement times/scan modi in entry "cops_suph_cradar_info_1". Data available from 01.06.2007 to 06.08.2007 and 24.08.2007 to 31.08.2007.

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