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  • This is an atmospheric hindcast for Western Europe and the North Atlantic using COSMO-CLM version 5.0 with spectral nudging from 2002-2017. MERRA2 reanalysis data are used as forcing. Additionally transient and monthly aerosol data of the MACv2 climatology are prescribed. The model uses a rotated grid with 566 x 481 grid points and a grid point distance of 0.0625 degrees, the rotated North pole is located at 162.0 W, 39.25 N. The published data excludes the sponge zone and have 526 x 441 grid points. In rotated coordinates the published simulation data extends from 22.64 W to 10.18 E, 11.2 S to 16.3 N, in geographical coordinates this corresponds to about 12 W to 30 E, 39 N to 60 N. institution: Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal Research, Germany source: int2lm_131101_2.00_clm4, COSMO-CLM5.0_clm14_aerosol_gust (available at DKRZ's LTA WDCC service), contact: originator: Ronny Petrik crs: EPSG:4326

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