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  • The SRES data sets were published by the IPCC in 2000 and classified into four different scenario families (A1, A2, B1, B2). SRES_A2 storyline describes a very heterogeneous world with the underlying theme of self-reliance and preservation of local identities. It results in this scenario a continous increasing population together with a slower economic growth and technological change. The Hadley Centre Circulation Model is a 3-dim AOGCM described by (Gordon et al., 2000 and Pope et al., 2000). The atmospheric component has a 19 levels horizontal resolution, comparable with spectral resolution of T42, while the ocean component has a 20 levels resolution. HADCM3( ) The changes of anthropogenic emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O and sulphur dioxide are prescribed according to the above mentioned scenario. These data belongs to a set of three ensemble runs, with the HADCM3-model, using the SRES_A2 scenario. They provide monthly averaged values of selected variables for the IPCC-DDC. HadCM3_SRES_A2b and HadCM3_SRES_A2c follow the same experimental design and historical plus future forcings as HadCM3_SRES_A2 (Johns et al. 2003) but starting from initial conditions taken respectively 100 years and 200 years further into the HadCM3 control simulation.

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