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  • This product is a shape file of all detected forest patches in the Paraguayan Chaco that are larger than 10 hectars fort he years 2000, 2010, and 2020. Every forest patch contains information on its perimeter, size, shape, and core area. By looking at all forest patches together, an impression can be gained of the fragmentation of the forest in the Paraguayan Chaco. Proximity is a measure of fragmentation. Areas of large and close by forest patches show high proximity values while isolated patches or patchest hat are only surrounded by small forest patches, have a small proximity. The Core area index quantifies the share of core area in the entire forest patch area. Thereby, corea area is the area of a forest patch with at least 500m distance to the edge of the forest. The Shape index is calculated from perimeter and area of a patch. The fragementation of a forest often has the effect that the ratio between area and perimeter is affected. The edge lengths become longer while the surface area becomes smaller.

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