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  • The online map displays the location, surface extension and environmental hazard potentials for 100 mine sites for iron, copper and bauxite. The map contains standard map tools, filter functions and info boxes providing back-ground information on the OekoRess III project and the applied evaluation method. When the user clicks on each mine site displayed, a drop-down list appears that contains further site-specific information and a link for down-loading a factsheet (pdf).

  • OpenDIS allows to search publicly the complete inventory of cores in the National Core Repository Berlin-Spandau online. Cores from research drillings of long-term drilling programs such as BGR, BMBF, GESEP and ICDP are listed. In addition to core metadata and the corresponding drilling process, high-resolution photos, drill reports and other documents are linked and can be freely downloaded. Furthermore, sampling and its analytical results are also made available to the public if there is no temporary moratorium on the respective core data. In this case, however, access to data can be granted on a case-by-case basis upon user request.

  • The "Borehole Map Germany" provides information on the geology of the subsurface in the Federal Republic of Germany and contains approx. 2 million boreholes (total length approx. 80,000 km). The application resulted from a cooperation between the BGR and the Geological Survey Organisations of Germany (SGD), which are responsible for the management and long-term storage of the borehole information shown. The BoreholeML format, which is the common denominator of all drilling data in Germany to ensure interoperability, was developed as the basis for cross-national data exchange. The application displays metadata of boreholes, strata data, groundwater measurements, evidence of loggings and samplings, casing and technical drilling data. This makes the data suitable for subsoil investigations, well construction or pipeline construction. A search and an export function work on borehole metadata level. The application starts with a tiled view of the borehole density distribution in Germany, which changes to an view of all single boreholes from a scale 1:80,000. The data is updated irregularly. Unfortunately, not all SGD distribute their data to the application yet.

  • The ConSent Viewer shows the lithostratigraphic units of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg of the superior lithostratigraphic general legend as well as their original data in the scale 1:25.000 resp. 1:50.000. The attributes of the superior legend contain the names, symbols and URIs of the lithostratigraphic units of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg as well as their linkage by means of the SKOS vocabulary. At first, the application shows in small scales the map GK2000 for whole Germany. By zooming in, the maps GK1000 and GÜK250 appear in sequence until the map data of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg are displayed.

  • The GEMStat Dashboard visualizes the water quality of global water bodies on different spatial and temporal scales, based on data from the GEMStat Database . Available data includes the parameters dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH, all core parameters of the UN SDG 6.3.2 water quality indicator. The data are voluntarily provided by countries and organizations worldwide within the framework of the GEMS/Water Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) .

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