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  • BfG MapService 'CC_GAR_Temp_2000_2100', OGC:WMS 1.3.0; The maps and data sets summarise climate change information resulting from a well defined ensemble of 14 regional climate simulations (mainly based on EU-ENSEMBLES) for periods 2021 to 2050 and 2071 to 2100. The information are expressed as change of air temperature and precipitation with respect to the simulated present (1971-2000) averaged over meteorological seasons and 50km grid boxes. Based on the ensemble, a high, central and low estimate of the possible future development is given.

  • INSPIRE Download Service for Digital Terrain Model Grid Width 200 m (DGM200). The Digital Terrain Model DGM200 describes the terrain forms of the earth’s surface by means of a point quantity arranged in a regular grid, which is georeferenced to planimetry and altimetry. The grid width is 200 m. The data provided through this service covers the area of Germany. Erstellungsmaßstab: 200000

  • Downloaddienst (WFS) mit den geschützten Landschaftsbestandteilen im Landkreis Nienburg/Weser Geschützte Landschaftsbestandteile sind Flächen im Landkreis Nienburg die sich im Außenbereich befinden und keiner wirtschaftlichen Nutzung unterliegen (Ödland) oder deren Standorteigenschaften bisher wenig verändert worden sind (sonstige naturnahe Flächen).

  • INSPIRE View Service for Vector Statistical Units. This service provides from NUTS250 Version 01.01..The data provided through this service covers the area of Germany. Please register at our information service (https://gdz.bkg.bund.de/) to be automatically informed on planed maintenance or changes.

  • The WMS GK2000 Geologie (INSPIRE) represents the surface geology of Germany and adjacent areas on a scale of 1:2,000,000. According to the Data Specification on Geology (D2.8.II.4_v3.0) the geological map provides INSPIRE-compliant data. The WMS GK2000 Geologie (INSPIRE) contains layers of the geologic units (GE.GeologicUnit), faults (GE.GeologicFault) and marginal position of the ice shield as well as the impact craters Nördlinger Ries and Steinheimer Becken (GE. GeomorphologicFeature) displayed correspondingly to the INSPIRE portrayal rules. The geologic units are represented graphically by stratigraphy (GE.GeologicUnit.AgeOfRocks) and lithology (GE.GeologicUnit.Lithology). For different geochronologic minimum and maximum ages, Upper Devonian - Permian, the portrayal is defined by the colour of the geochronologic minimum age (olderNamedAge). In case of the geologic units the user obtains detailed information via the getFeatureInfo request on the lithology, stratigraphy (age) and genesis (event environment and event process).

  • Lage der Bottroper Schulen

  • INSPIRE View Service for geographical names of municipalities or parts thereof, landscapes, mountain ranges, mountains, islands, rivers, canals, lakes, seas, etc. Data is provided for the Federal Republic of Germany. The dataset is structured according to the INSPIRE Annex I Theme - Geographical Names. The selection of the geographical names is based on the map scale 1 : 250 000. and is derived from different statistical sources, Digital Landscape Models 1 : 250 000 (DLM250) and Digital Elevation Model grid width 10 m (DGM10). This service is published under the Ordinance to Determine the Conditions for Use for the Provision of Spatial Data of the Federation (GeoNutzV) and thereof free of charge.

  • Downloaddienst (ATOM-Feed) mit Flächen im Landkreis Nienburg/Weser, die sich im Nass- oder Trockenabbau befinden.

  • Der Dienst stellt die Reiseregionen Sachsen dar. Er beinhaltet des Weiteren die Kontaktdaten der Regionalen Tourismusorganisationen im Freistaat Sachsen.

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