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  • The World-wide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP) provides data and information about the earth´s major groundwater resources. The World Karst Aquifer Map (WOKAM) allows a more precise global quantification of karst systems. The map will help to increase awareness of karst groundwater resources in the context of global water issues and will serve as a basis for other karst-related research questions at global scales: for example those related to climate change, biodiversity, food production, geochemical cycles and urbanisation.

  • This View Service provides access to CODE-DE products via a Web Mapping Service (WMS) interface. CODE-DE (Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform - Deutschland) is the German access point to data of the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus. This programme of the European Union provides satellite data from the Sentinel series and thematic services with products for observations of land/ocean/atmosphere, climate change, security and disaster management. Furthermore, information and tools for the creation of higher quality information are provided on the platform. The focus of data availability is geographically on Germany and Europe ("rolling archive"). This means that data of Germany and Europe will remain in the archive for a particularly long time (with immediate availability), but data outside Germany and especially outside Europe will typically be removed after one month. Sentinel-2 Level 1C products are globally long-term archived and made available again on request.

  • Hier sind Metadaten (19115/19119) für die MSRL bereitgestellt.

  • BfG MapService 'KLIWAS_Projektuebersicht', OGC:WMS 1.3.0 Kartendienst gibt eine Übersicht zum KLIWAS Forschungsprogramm und den Untersuchungsgebieten der einzelnen Projekte. Über die FeatureInfo-Abfrage lassen sich die Kontakdetails der Ansprechpartner sowie der Link zur Projektseite der KLIWAS- Webseite abfragen.

  • BfG MapService 'CC_GAR_Temp_2000_2050', OGC:WMS 1.3.0; The maps and data sets summarise climate change information resulting from a well defined ensemble of 14 regional climate simulations (mainly based on EU-ENSEMBLES) for periods 2021 to 2050 and 2071 to 2100. The information are expressed as change of air temperature and precipitation with respect to the simulated present (1971-2000) averaged over meteorological seasons and 50km grid boxes. Based on the ensemble, a high, central and low estimate of the possible future development is given.

  • Dieser Darstellungsdienst erfüllt die Vorgabe nach INSPIRE sowie AdV und repräsentiert die transformierten Daten aus ALKIS im INSPIRE-Datenmodell Adressen.

  • Rahmengitter der Historischen Flurkarten 1:1.500 Baden und 1:2.500 Württemberg. Die Blattnummer ist ab ca. M 1:300.000 sichtbar.

  • Darstellungsdienst für das Standortregister

  • This service provides from Digital Landscape Model 1:250 000 (ATKIS DLM250) transformed datasets for the INSPIRE themes Transport Networks, Hydrography (Networks and Physical Water), Administrative Units and Protected Sites. The data provided through this service covers the area of Germany.

  • INSPIRE View Service for Vector Statistical Units. This service provides from NUTS250 Version 01.01..The data provided through this service covers the area of Germany. Please register at our information service (http://www.geodatenzentrum.de/geodaten/gdz?l=infodienst) to be automatically informed on planed maintenance or changes.

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