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  • Der WMS-Dienst Grundlagendaten der mit Nitrat belasteten Gebiete nach §13a Düngeverordnung enthält die zur Erstellung der Gebiete nach §5, §13a Düngeverordnung und §38a WHG verwendeten Grundlagendaten. Dazu gehören: Grundwasserkörper (GWK), Zustand der GWK hinsichtlich Nitrat, Die Ermittlung der Nitrataustragsgefährdung nach §7 AVV Gebietsausweisung (GeA), Die Ermittlung der potentiellen Nitratausträge gemäß §8 AVV GeA

  • Über diesen Dienst werden die statistischen Daten wie Anleinpflicht, Bürgerforum, Gemeindegrenzen, Gemeinderegionen, Gemeindeverbund, Schiedsamtsbezirke, Schornsteinfegerkehrbezirke, Schuleinzugsbereiche, Wahlbereiche, Wahlkreise, Wahllokale der Stadt Osnabrück bereitgestellt.

  • The IGME5000-EU (INSPIRE) represents the pre-quaternary bedrock geology (onshore and offshore) of the European map on a scale of 1:5,000,000. According to the Data Specification on Geology (D2.8.II.4_v3.0) the geological map provides INSPIRE-compliant data. The WMS IGME5000-EU contains layers of the geologic units (GE.GeologicUnit) and faults (GE.GeologicFault) mostly displayed according to the INSPIRE portrayal rules. The geologic units are represented graphically by stratigraphy (GE.GeologicUnit.AgeOfRocks) and lithology (GE.GeologicUnit.Lithology). For different geochronologic minimum and maximum ages, e.g. Ordovician - Silurian, the portrayal is defined by the color of the geochronologic minimum age (olderNamedAge). The portrayal of the lithology is defined by the first named rock or rock group. In case of the geologic units the user obtains detailed information via the getFeatureInfo request on the lithology and stratigraphy (age).

  • The WMS of the map „Organic Matter Content of Top-Soils in Germany 1:1,000,000 (INSPIRE)“ highlights the results of a Germany-wide compilation of typical soil organic matter contents in top-soils differentiated according to groups of soil parent material, four climatic areas and the main land use. The evaluation is based on more than 9000 soil data profiles with information about Soil Organic Matter (SOM) from a period of about 20 years. The report 'The Organic Matter Content of Top-Soils in Germany', BGR Archive, No. 0127036 (in German) documents the methodology. To transform the organic matter content (of the original dataset HUMUS1000OB) into INSPIRE-relevant organic carbon content (CORG), we applied the van Bemmelen factor (1.724). According to the “Data Specification on Soil“ (D2.8.III.3_v3.0) and the “Guidelines for the use of Observations & Measurements and Sensor Web Enablement-related standards in INSPIRE“ (D2.9_v3.0) the map “Organic Matter Content of Top-Soils in Germany 1:1,000,000“ provides INSPIRE-compliant data. The data has been transformed into the following INSPIRE-Feature Types (Spatial Object Types): “SoilDerivedObject“, “OM_Observation“ and “OM_Process“.

  • During the period from 1974 to 2018 various cruises from BGR acquired seismic lines worldwide. The aim of these marine expeditions was a detailed survey of the geological structure.

  • The General Global Map of Seafloor Bedrock Geology (seafloorgeol) shows the global distribution of seafloor bedrock, the boundaries of the continental shelf and continental slope, the axes of the oceanic ridges and other marine geological features. Sedimentary deposits are not shown. The map is based on extracts from Bouysse et al. (2010) © CGMW, and Bryan & Ernst (2008) using Esri Basemap, HERE, Garmin, FAO, NOAA, USGS, © OpenStreetMap contributors and the GIS User Community.

  • INSPIRE View Service for CORINE Land Cover – 5ha. This service provides from CORINE Land Cover 5ha (CLC5) transformed datasets for the INSPIRE theme Land Cover. The data provided through this service covers the area of Germany.

  • Points of Interest (Punkte von Interesse) beinhalten bodenkundliche Punktdaten des Geologischen Diensts NRW. Der WMS stellt Entnahmepunkte von Lackprofilen und die Standorte der Bodenfeuchte-Messstationen bereit. Als Links angebunden sind ausführliche Lackprofilbeschreibungen und tagesaktuelle Messwerte der Bodenfeuchte-Messstationen.

  • The World-wide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP) provides data and information about the earth´s major groundwater resources. The River and Groundwater Basins Map shows the areal extent of the global groundwater and surface water basins.

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