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  • This data set of state and regional boundaries was derived from the 1:3 million scale administrative boundaries (ESRI, 1998) for the land area of the Former Soviet Union. There are 162 administrative regions distinguished in this data set. The vector map of state and regional boundaries for the FSU is in ArcView shapefile format. [ This document was provided by NASA's Global Change Master Directory. For more information on the source of this metadata please visit[GCMD]rlc_boundaries ]

  • The Legal Amazon of Brazil is defined by law to include the states of Acre, Amap?, Amazonas, Par?, Rond?nia, Roraima, Mato Grosso, Maranh?o, and Tocantins [Fund?cao Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estat?stica (IBGE) 1991]. This is the definition used in generating the Legal Amazon mask. The 8-km Legal Amazon mask was generated by Christopher Potter at the Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch of the Earth Science Division at NASA Ames Research Center (Potter and Brooks-Genovese 1999). The mask was generated from the Digital Chart of the World available from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). The mask is available in ASCII GRID format. The README file accompanying the mask has more information regarding data format. More information can be found at [ This document was provided by NASA's Global Change Master Directory. For more information on the source of this metadata please visit[GCMD]lba_legal_amazon ]

  • dargestellt und erfaßt ist die Stadtgrenze als Linie

  • Es handelt sich um die offiziellen Stadtbezirke der Stadt Bielefeld, die gemäß §35 GO NRW gebildet wurden. Diese bilden die Grundlage für statistische Auswertungen.

  • Administrative units of Germany, derived from the german digital landscape model at scale 1:250000. Mapped via EuroBoundaryMap to satisfy INSPIRE and European Location Framework conformance. The dataset is available as Open Data.

  • dargestellt sind die Flurgrenzen. Die Attributtabelle enthält die dazugehörige Gemarkung.

  • EuroBoundaryMap provides a European geographic database for administrative and statistical regions that will be maintained at the source level by the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs), and by providing harmonized access conditions for this geographic information within the framework of EuroGeographics. EBM (1:100000) offers the combined strength of detailed European administrative units and linkages to the corresponding LAU and NUTS codes.

  • Digitalisierung der durch den Beschluss des Kreistages des Landkreises Teltow-Fläming am 27.04.2015 festgesetzten Naturdenkmale (Bäume, Baumgruppen, Alleen, Baumreihen, Relikte natürlicher Wälder) auf Grundlage der kreiseigenen Kartierungen

  • Flächenhafte Darstellung der Winderosion aus Karte 10 "Erosion" des LRP Teltow-Fläming. (sehr hoch, hoch, mittel)

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