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  • The data set contains the tidal current data for certain positions in the German Bight. The information is based on a tidal current simulation using the BSH circulation model BSHcmod V4.

  • This metadata set describes the CSW interface of the metadata catalogue of the spatial data infrastructure of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (GDI-BSH).

  • Data maritime boundaries of the Nautical Hydrographic Information System (NAUTHIS).

  • Obstruction data of the Nautical Hydrographic Information System (NAUTHIS).

  • INSPIRE theme Oceanographic Geographical Features.

  • INSPIRE theme Sea Regions.

  • Data of the Nautical Hydrographic Information System. This includes the floating and fixed navigation marks, as well as further information on navigation in the sea and land area [of the German area of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)].

  • The map service "Magnetic Variation Lines" offered for the technical information system "Geomagnetic Information" shows lines of the same declination (isogons) for most of Europe and adjacent areas. The isogons are based on the World Magnetic Model (WMM) and are calculated in advance for the current year. Land contours are not part of the service.

  • Data for the representation of the skin of the earth.

  • The data cover the water pollution detected on German territory and in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The data include the position, type and sources of water pollution. The data are held for the legal prosecution and punishment of violations of the provisions of the MARPOL Convention 1973/78 in connection with the MARPOL-Owi-Vo, the Helsinki Convention in connection with the 1st and 2nd Baltic Sea Protection Amendment Ordinance and for the processing of individual technical and legal questions of principle regarding the above-mentioned legal provisions and administrative offence law (OWIG i. V. m. StPO and StGB), European law and international law.

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